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Support Freedom in New Zealand and around the world

Supporting Freedom is hard and often tiresome work.

I create events and Freedom Convoys, associated documentation, online meetings and host Social Media groups and keep them updated and moderated. I run RT communications for Freedom Convoys and make videos about them.

It sure is a full-time job and I would love to be appreciated by the beneficiaries of those who have benefited from the movement to return society to pre-covid conditions and lifestyles.

It is not possible to keep working many hours a day without an income for daily life.

By making a donation you may have opted out of buying our own Unique Cyberscoin Crypto Token.

But don't worry, you still have that chance. I can send you a free gift of tokens, if you desire, to match your donation.

All you need to do is to join the site where I am producing the tokens and I will evaluate the amount you donated and send your account a similar value of Tokens.

All donations go directly to making a difference for our cause as it supports me to keep diligently working many hours a day on liberating mankind, one human at a time.

Again if you would like to receive the free gift of Cyberscoin tokens then please note my email address in the Confirmation of your Donation email. You can use it to inform me of your account for transfer.

We need more and more Freedom Lovers to help support people like me pushing hard and getting involved on behalf of those that can not.

Your donations really mean a lot to the concept of freedom and it has a great impact on our future and our Children's futures.

How much would you like to donate? As a contributor to New Zealand Freedom, we make sure your donation goes directly to supporting our cause.

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