The worldwide energy crisis is needlessly expanding.

 The elephant in the room is the known fact that it does not have to.

We have viable solutions that will turn those unwanted fuel emissions and carbons into renewable clean energy for New Zealand and the world.

Our Mission is Possible

Logical steps to take

  • Save the Marsden Point Refinery foremost

  • Re-fit the refinery to refine Taranaki Light Crude Oil

  • Use the refinery to turn CO2 emissions into Blue Crude

The answer is: New Zealand's 'Good Oil'

Marsden Point is the Key

If we lose the refinery, we lose our independence as a Nation.

No Fuel means:

  • No Food production

  •  No Transport or travel

  • No Economy causing default on international debt

Shutting down and dismantling our refinery makes us 100% reliant on South East Asian refineries.

 It takes 18 days for fuel to get to NZ from Singapore – one of the refineries. 

If shipping of Fuel were to suddenly be stopped we’d have about 1 month to prepare for a no fuel scenario. 

We’d likely have fuel rationing implemented within 24 hours – it is possible these restrictions will hit private vehicles and small businesses not involved in food distribution the hardest. 

Fuel prices would immediately sky rocket.

Marsden would normally shield us from fuel price shocks due to a large on site holding capacity.

It could redirect Sweet Crude from Taranaki for refinement and maintain a fair proportion of our energy requirements.

This is currently less efficient in a crisis situation with the refineries capabilities.

With a good refit, it will maintain our emergency services, our military and food production functions, as well as keeping the distribution chain operational.

After 2 years of rolling lock downs and the collapse of many other essential services and entire communities displaced, we can not afford anymore shut downs of services to our civilian population.

Refit to Refine

'Operation Good Oil' is here to raise the awareness of these critical facts and to assist in reversing this very damaging trend.

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